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Apr 09, 2019


It happened....
You went from Miss to soon-to-be Mrs!


Once the initial shock wears off, your mind might start sprinting in a millions different directions. much?!...
One thing is for sure...girl, you need a dress!
That’s where we come in.
Whether you live in a small town, like us, or in a large city, chances are you’ll have a few options when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress. We are big advocates for shopping locally, and we want to let you know what you get (from us, mostly) and why it’s important when you choose to shop local.
  1. An experience you deserve.

    Let us segway, for a moment, and chat about what you, a bride, deserves when it comes to your bridal shopping experience. You deserve nothing less than the following:
      • A 1-on-1 shopping experience
      • Knowledgeable stylist
      • A variety of gowns
      • An easy process
      • To feel confident and GORGEOUS!
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been engaged for two weeks or two years. As a bride, you deserve to have friendly, helpful, and creative people helping you make the most emotional purchase of your life. As you’re researching the shops in your area (which we highly recommend), make sure they offer nothing less than what you deserve.
  1. Resources. Every bridal boutique is connected to a network of other industry professionals. We absolutely LOVE when a bride needs a recommendation for a photographer, florist, coordinator, caterer, etc.! We have worked with many of the local wedding vendors, in some capacity, and are happy to pass along the right team to help fill out your wedding day vision. These vendors are friends, and when you join the Bridal Impressions family, you’re now a friend, too. We love connecting our friends!
  1. You’ll feel good. A trusted, local bridal boutique is part of a community. When you buy your wedding dress from us, you’re supporting a small business, run by women. Now, not all bridal salons are run by women, but, we think it’s pretty great that this booming wedding industry is run by some awesome, savvy, boss-ladies! Also, your patronage helps keep a locally beloved boutique in business. Don’t you think that makes your dress even more meaningful?
  1. No surprises. Yes, you can buy a wedding dress online for $120. However, even though a designer dress may cost more than something similar online, you get what you pay for. Counterfeit gowns can be low quality, ill-fitting, poorly constructed, and just plain scary...and that’s IF the gown actually arrives at your home. Shopping in our bridal boutique allows you to touch the fabrics and feel the dresses on your body. It takes all the “what ifs” out of the moment. Also, do you really want your “I SAID YES!!!” moment to be sitting in front of a computer screen?
  1. Expertise. Perhaps a small box will appear on your computer screen saying, “How can I help you today?” when you’re looking at a (questionable) wedding website. With us, there are no boxes. During your appointment, you will have a knowledgeable and experienced bridal stylist to help you every step of the way. She’ll get to you know you and your desired wedding style, all while making sure you feel comfortable and confident. A box isn’t able to congratulate you when you find the perfect gown, and that little pesky box certainly can’t hug you, and celebrate with you and your entourage!
We are so proud to work in an industry with strong women, and love our team! We’re thankful to be able to provide a unique, 1-on-1 experience, and offer all our brides an unforgettable moment. When you’re hunting for a cozy, intimate,  and welcoming environment to purchase the most self-expressive garment you’ll ever wear...we know right where you can begin!

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