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Jul 01, 2019

A study from 2015 states that most couples are engaged for 14.5 months. 


Brides, I don’t know about you, but planning an event, over a year in advance, is daunting, and honestly, sounds like a chore. Even if you’re Type-A and a big planner, it’s difficult to know when each task on your to-do list needs to be completed. 


Every wedding website, wedding coordinator, family friend, and BFF (who just got married) will have an engagement timeline to provide you. All of these will have pretty similar concepts, so we wanted to give you our own version, too, in regards to wedding dress shopping. 


Let me preface this list by saying that each bride’s timeline is different, and we do our absolute best to accommodate each engagement period. Some brides find their dress two years out from the big day, and some two months. This timeline is based on the average engagement period of 14.5 months. Every dress in our boutique can be purchased off-the-rack, and we offer storage plans, too!


    • Begin shopping for your wedding dress about one year+ out from your wedding date. This may seem like it’s early, but honestly, we find that when you have a date, venue, and gown, everything else falls into place easily. You’ll know what the space looks like, as well as how you’re going to look. 
      • TIP! Add a bridal service package that includes storage, so you know your dream dress will be safe from prying eyes, children, and pets. Storage is good for one year!
    • Order your bridesmaid dresses at least 5 months out from the big day. Standard shipping (for our bridesmaid line) is 15 weeks. You want to make sure the dresses arrive in plenty of time for the party to begin alterations.


  • TIP! There are rush options available for these dresses if your timeline doesn’t match up with the 14.5 month engagement period. 


    • Begin alterations 4-6 weeks away from the wedding. We know, that sounds late, but we promise it’s not! 


  • TIP! The time for a seamstress to alter your dress is the same, whether you purchase your gown 1.5 years or three months ahead of your wedding date. We have a WONDERFUL seamstress we recommend, and trust us, she’ll take great care of you!
  • TIP #2! Our seamstress, Dina, can also help make all your bridal gown dreams come true in less than four weeks, for those lovely ladies who need alterations completed quickly! 


    • If your bridal service package includes steaming (which we can do without a package, too), drop your dress off with us Tuesday of your wedding and pick up that Thursday! 


  • TIP! We’ll make sure to chat about the best way to store the dress once it’s picked up from steaming.
  • TIP #2! We ALWAYS recommend having a steamer on hand the morning of your wedding. Sometimes, in travel, the dress can crease, and can benefit from a touch-up steaming session. It’s also great to have in case anyone else in the wedding party needs to retouch their items, too!



Does your timeline seem to be completely different? That’s okay! Give us a call, and we’ll happy to discuss any questions you may have! Whether your engagement period is three weeks, or three years, you deserve to find the perfect wedding dress, and we can’t wait to help!


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