Not Required, But Highly Recommended...

Not Required, But Highly Recommended.... Mobile Image

May 03, 2019

“Do I have to schedule an appointment, or can I just walk in?”


Bridal appointments are not required, but let us break down why we HIGHLY encourage you to book an appointment ahead of time…


Let’s start with what happens when you reserve your private bridal suite.


If you’re booking your appointment through our website,,  you won’t get an automated, run-of-the-mill confirmation. Once we process the request, we’ll contact you as soon as we can, and sit in awe as you tell us all the wonderful details of your big day! If you’re calling us to book your bridal suite, skip to the part where we listen and fall in love with the vision for your wedding!


After that, your stylist will send you an email the week of your appointment. This is a great time and place to send your stylist your Pinterest board, or photos that you’ve seen on our social media that fit your vibe! Visual representations are super helpful, and we love when you can show us what you’re loving. Also, let your stylist know where you’re getting married, and the colors your bridal party will be wearing. All details are welcome, and will ultimately help your stylist help you find your dream dress! This email will also provide you with some helpful tips on what to expect when you come to our boutique.


So, what happens if you don’t book an appointment ahead of time? Will it hurt you, or will your stylist not be able to find you a dress? Absolutely not. Whether you reserve your private bridal suite three weeks in advance, or if you walk in on a Tuesday afternoon, you CAN find your perfect dress here!


If you walk into our boutique without an appointment, please know it hurts our hearts if we have to tell you that we don’t have an open bridal suite available at that time. We work hard to make sure we have the right stylist for each bride, and sometimes all our dressing rooms are full.


Your experience with us is so important to us, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We never want you to have a mediocre experience with us! We want to celebrate with you, and leave knowing you found the most perfect dress! As a bride, you deserve to have a knowledgeable stylist to help guide you, and that usually takes a little planning on our end.


“How late can I book my appointment?”


Brides, it is perfectly okay to call the day before and see what our schedule looks like for the next day. Sometimes, a bride will even call when we open and see what appointments are available later that afternoon.


Trust us--it’s worth the time to reserve your private bridal suite. We promise you won’t regret it!


Call us at 540.564.9622  or visit here to book your private bridal suite today!