First Time's the Charm

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Jun 01, 2019

When you get engaged, you picture the three plus appointments you’ll have with your party, traveling all over town, trying on 20 dresses, and having the time of your (engaged) life! Raise your hand if this applies to you.


Now, let us tell you a bridal industry secret. Are you ready? Come closer. Okay, here it goes…

Traveling to too many shops, and trying on 50+ dresses can be incredibly overwhelming for a bride. Let us explain.


  1. It’s exhausting! What no one tells you when you get engaged is that trying on dresses requires some (very fun) work. Getting in and out of beautiful gowns is enchanting, but be prepared to put in a little effort. Now, imagine doing it three times in a row, for 90 minutes a piece, all in one day. Girl, get some lunch and make sure to relax! Trust us, it makes for a tiresome day if, while you’re in one dress, you can’t even focus on how much you truly love it, because you’re worried about getting out on time to head to the next appointment.


  1. It’s overwhelming! The love of your life just asked you to spend your lives together, and now you have to pick the most perfect, self-expressive garment of your life. No pressure...said no bride ever. Imagine walking into a boutique, seeing 100 beautiful dresses, trying on eight, and then heading to another shop, that has 150 dresses, to try on six dresses there. From there you move onto a third shop that has over 300 gowns in stock, and you try on ten. Ladies, that’s just one day! That’s a lot of fabric on your body, that will 100% start to all blend together. Unless you have the most impressive memory, it will be so difficult to remember what you loved, and didn’t love (because that is important, too) in each dress you tried on. This dress, the gown you’re going to wear on the best day of your life, deserves all your attention.


  1. “I didn’t cry, so I can’t say yes.” As with most wedding planning, it’s best to go into your appointment with an open mind. If your goal is to have a tearful “YES!!”, it only adds to the pressure you’ve put on yourself. Your reaction to finding the perfect will be as unique as you are. Don’t let Say Yes To The Dress make you feel like you have to have a certain acknowledgement to make finding your dress acceptable. You can cry, laugh, grin, smoulder...anything you want. No one says your reaction has to be big, we promise!


Okay, you now understand how visiting multiple boutiques can be draining, both emotionally and physically, so how can you combat all of that, and still find the dress of your dreams?


  1. Do your research. Check out the bridal boutiques in your area, or wherever it is you plan on shopping, and look into each of them. Look at the website and read reviews. Look at their social media and see if their designers match the vision you have for your big day. Feel free to call/text/email and ask them questions about what they offer their brides. This doesn’t necessarily mean in the way of a discount, but rather their philosophy for brides, as well as what the appointment looks like. For example, we have a private Facebook group for our brides :)


  1. Get over the “shoulds”. Ladies, there is no “should” when shopping for your wedding dress. Get rid of the “I shouldn’t love the first dress I try on”, and, “I shouldn’t commit to this gown because I have other appointments.” While you’re at it, remove, “I shouldn’t say yes here because I’ll feel bad for not showing up at my next appointment.” We PROMISE you, with every fiber of who we are, that it is OKAY to love a gown at the first boutique you visit! You know what, I’m going to say it again. It is ABSOLUTELY OKAY to fall in love with your wedding dress the very first time you are trying on gowns. In our experience, most of our brides say yes when here for their first shopping adventure. We can also promise you that every great bridal boutique wants you to find your dream dress.


Shopping for your wedding dress is thrilling, and should be one of the best days of your life! Be prepared to fall in love with a dress, know that it’s okay to fall in love with that dress, and check “finding the perfect gown” off your engagement to-do list!


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